joi, octombrie 31, 2013

Test Cases Generation Script in VBA

In case you need to create many test cases which have similar steps but with some minor specific differences like specific test data,… then use the Excel File with Macro-Enabled from here tcgenerationtemplate.xlsm

1. Add the test case template in the “TC Template” tab, define the variable text through parameters [@param1], [@param2],…
2. Add test cases specific data in the “TC Data” tab, data in column 1 is for [@param1], data in column 2 is for [@param2], …
3. Select Alt+F11 to open VBA, select to run the “Test Case Generation Form” then click on “Generate Test Cases” button and test cases generation will start.
4. Go to tab “TCs” where you will see the generated test cases which can be imported in your Test Management system.

I’ve used this approach and I found it very useful.

Cum sa obtinem numarul de linii din toate fisierele dintr-un folder

Pentru a calcula numarul de linii din toate fisierele dintr-un folder rulam urmatoarea comanda din Windows command prompt:

for %i in (*.*) do find /v /c "" %i >> linescount.txt